The Course
Hole 1   A reachable par 5 to ease you into your round. 2 water hazards and 1 fairway bunker to be avoided from the tee. A small green protected by a single bunker short left. Good birdie opportunity for the bigger hitters!
Hole 1
Hole 2   A tough par 4 which demands a long straight drive to avoid fairway bunkers left & right. This will leave a long approach shot to a two tier green. A par here is always acceptable.
Hole 2
Hole 3   A long par 3 with a raised green protected by 2 bunkers left & right. Make sure to take enough club.
Hole 3
Hole 4  
A short par 4 with a slightly blind tee shot. The ideal line from the tee is the left edge of the stone wall. A good drive leaves a medium length approach shot to a very long narrow green protected by bunkers on either side. The difference from front to back of green could be as much as 3 clubs!
Hole 4
Hole 5  
A medium length par 4 with fairway bunkers well positioned on either side of the fairway. Avoiding these will leave an iron shot into a very undulating green separated by a big spine in the middle of it.
Hole 5
Hole 6  
A short par 4 and a good birdie opportunity. A Drive down the left of the fairway, avoiding a fairway bunker, leaves the best angle for the approach shot.
Hole 6
Hole 7  
A very strong par 3 with water to carry and out of bounds lurking to the right of the green. A bail out area to the left of the green. A par here is a very good score.
Hole 7
Hole 8   A long dogleg right par 4. Big hitters can cut the corner by aiming over the corner tree. Otherwise a good line is the telegraph pole in the distance. A good tee shot will leave an approach shot to a medium sized green with a long meandering bunker to the right.
Hole 8
Hole 9   First of the two par 5's in a row. Two bunkers to be avoided from the tee and a water hazard to negotiate for your 2nd shot. This will leave an approach shot to a severely sloping green back to front. Try to leave your ball short of the flag to leave an easier putt!
Hole 9
Hole 10   A long par 5 to start the back 9. big hitters can try and carry the water hazard from the tee, but for most a lay up short of the water is the safer option. This will leave two more well hit shots to reach a small green set above the fairway which makes t play slightly longer than yardage.
Hole 10
Hole 11   A tough par 3 with a severe tiered green. This hole plays much tougher when the pin is located on the very narrow upper shelf. A solitary bunker to the left of the green and a water hazard on the right to be avoided from the tee.
Hole 11
Hole 12   Index 1 requires a good drive directed away from the out of bounds running down the left side of the hole. This will leave a long approach shot to a back to front sloping green with a bunker short and a water hazard running across the fairway just short of the green. A tough Index 1 by any standards!
Hole 12
Hole 13   A long straight par 4 with out of bounds all down the left and 5 fairway bunkers on the right at landing distance. A good drive will leave a long 2nd shot to a small green that slopes from right to left. Not a solitary bunker around the green!
Hole 13
Hole 14   A short par 4 with elevated green. A tough green to hold your ball on. So a good idea would be to leave yourself a full wedge for your 2nd shot to allow you to stop quicker.
Hole 14
Hole 15   A sweeping dogleg left par 5 with bunker and water trouble from the tee! A good drive sets up a 3 wood lay up shot which should leave a medium iron shot to a very small green sloping left to right.
Hole 15
Hole 16   A drive down the lefthand side is ideal except for the longer hitter which could reach the lurking water hazard. A good drive leaves a tough 2nd shot to a sharply tiered green. When the flag is on the top tier this hole plays tougher!
Hole 16
Hole 17   A spectacular long par 3 with St Helens Beach down the cliff on the left which you want to stay away from as out of bounds occurs! The ideal shot should be aimed at the righthand side of the green, keeping away from the high mounds on the left. When you reach the green you'll find a small undulating green. A par on this is no mean feat!
Hole 17
Hole 18   Voted one of the best finishing holes in the country. A very short par 4 but trouble everywhere! Out of bounds all down the left and grass mounds all down the right of the miniscule fairway! This hole favours the brave!
Hole 18
Description courtesy of our resident professional PGA Professional - Glen Robinson